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November 7, 2006

Together, we can do something

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A very special Election Day edition of the Red Pen.

I’ve seen a lot of organizations use some variation of “Together We Can. . . ” Usually, they’re pretty specific, like the Red Cross, “Together, we can save a life.”

Mass. gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick leaves it up to our imaginations.


Together, we can eradicate bad grammar? Together, we can leap capital T in a single bound?

Gives another dimension to his nickname, “For-It-All Deval.”

This is all by way of saying: Don’t forget to vote!

Nov. 29 update: Evidently, there are other who agree.


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  1. Headline: Gov.-elect cuts funding for grammar education

    (Nov. 15 – Beacon Hill) – In a surprise move, Governor-elect Patrick announced today that all funding for grammar related education would be cut in his Jan. 2007 budget proposal to the legislature.

    “It doesn’t make sense,” Patrick said, “to waste time on this capital T and small W crap.”

    When asked if this would make it harder for citizens of the Commonwealth to communicate with each other, Patrick laughingly observed that no one understands anyone from Boston anyway.

    One critic said that this measure was simply a means of getting even with longtime Patrick enemy, the pseudonymous Mighty (Fine) Red Pen. When asked if he was simply attempting to demoralize over-educated graduates of women’s colleges, Patrick smiled, waved and said, “Together We Can.”


    Comment by David — November 15, 2006 @ 3:12 pm | Reply

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