Mighty Red Pen

February 10, 2007

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Blast off!

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To continue this week’s astronaut theme, this little tidbit is an actual e-mail invitation to attend a child safety:

Crash Test to Highlight Launch of Child Passenger Safety Week

PennDOT will conduct a live crash test demonstration . . . State Police
and safety advocates also will participate in the event to kick-off
Child Passenger Safety Week, which runs Feb. 11 – 17.

Thanks to Gopher, who queried, “Do you think they deliberately used ‘launch’ for its double meaning? Lauching a safety week and launching a child passenger?”

Well-documented that MRP thinks the world of child safety, so I don’t like to imagine the little munchkins being catapulted off into outer space. 

But equally well-documented that MRP likes to be amused. So the double entendre in the subject line of the e-mail was twice the fun. Plus it brings to mind a skit by comedian D.J. Hazard, who used muse over the idea of French astronauts at blast off with ground control saying, “Trois . . . deux . . . un . . . blast off! Au revoiiiiir, mon petit astronauuuuuut.”

MRP has been a party to too many bad e-mail alert subject lines lately so I’m a little jaded in this area: I suspect that it was just an unfortunate choice of words. Better luck next time.


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