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August 9, 2007


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Interestingly enough, a new study shows that parents who have bought into the “Baby Einstein”-will-make-my-child-a-baby-Einstein craze may have been sold a bill of goods. According to the article, “Parents hoping to raise baby Einsteins by using infant educational videos instead might be creating baby Homer Simpsons, according to researchers.”

In a study published yesterday in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers found that, among babies ages 8 months to 16 months, every hour spent daily watching programs such as “Brainy Baby” or “Baby Einstein” translated into six to eight fewer words in their vocabularies as compared with other children their age.

This happens because the little cherubs zonk out in front of an endlessly mesmerizing stream of images and music, but no words, hence no way to build vocabulary.

In case you were wondering, “Baby Einstein” is not the reason that D. (age 16 months) hasn’t spoken any discernible words, as MRP mentioned the other day.

And he has decided to show all the doubters what’s what by learning to say this, which is a way more useful second word than mama or dada, he can tell you. Or he would, if he could.


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  1. D. reminds me of the story of the child who never spoke until one morning when he was 12 he was at the breakfast table and suddenly said, “This oatmeal is cold.” His mom was stunned and asked why he hadn’t spoken before. He said, “The food has been pretty good until now.”

    You best keep your eye on that kid. When he does start talking, I suspect it will be in full paragraphs. Chapters, even. Novels, possibly.

    Comment by David — August 10, 2007 @ 10:34 am | Reply

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