Mighty Red Pen

December 16, 2007

I’ll take the elevator, thanks

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Thanks to David for this odd sign:


MRP isn’t exactly sure what exit discharge is. The words are related in a way but not synonymous, so it’s not exactly redundant. There are a million meanings for discharge, but this is probably the closest relevant one where it’s used as a noun (according to American Heritage):

3 a. A flowing out or pouring forth; emission; secretion: a discharge of pus. c. Something that is discharged, released, emitted, or excreted: a watery discharge.

Possibly, the author of this sign had other, less unsavory meanings of the word, commonly used as a verb, including:

To let go; empty out: a train discharging commuters. To pour forth; emit: a vent discharging steam.

Either way, um, ew. You might want some Purell for that.


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  1. Ewwww.

    There is something sickening about the word discharge. It’s almost onomatopoeic, without sounding like its meaning. There should be a word for that.

    Comment by Gez — December 18, 2007 @ 6:31 am | Reply

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