Mighty Red Pen

November 18, 2008

No such thing as free refills

MRP would say someone really took a gamble on this tidbit and came up snake eyes. Granny, who spotted this sign at the Las Vegas airport, writes, “While innocently getting myself a drink from the Burger King fountain, I was unexpectedly and cruelly assaulted with this sign. I almost missed my next flight trying to count all the errors.”


Is it the random all caps in italics? That might not be for MRP to judge. But wait, there’s more: Is it the extra l’s or the apostrophe abuse in refills? Is it the random quotation mark at the end of facility? Or is it, as Granny points out, the conundrum of how to get a refill after you’ve already left the facility?


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  1. After you leave the facility, you could, in theory, hold onto your cup until the next time you came through the airport and then get another free refill. Frequent fliers might be able to bilk BK out of tens of dollars of ice and soda before their cups totally disintegrated.

    The close quote at the end of facility is required because… um… somewhere in the store there is a stray open quote, perhaps? The manager was just trying for balance.

    And, of course, the extra “L” in refill is BK’s way of acknowledging that if you are eating there, you are probably going through “L”.

    How’s that for excuse making?

    Comment by David — November 19, 2008 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

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