Mighty Red Pen

January 1, 2010

Chillaxin’ with the MRP Czar

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Oh, happy new year to all and please enjoy with me one of my favorite ways of celebrating: perusing Lake Superior State University’s List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.

Top word for the year? Shovel-ready, which apparently means that something is ready to be implemented.  I have to say I’m not even remotely ready to vote this term as “Banished for Overuse” because I’ve never heard it before, but apparently it’s a thorn in the side of many readers.

I can definitely get behind banning the following: czar, bromance, sexting, and chillaxin’ (although this latter one seems like it should have been banned years ago). I was inclined to give a pass to tweet, since it doesn’t bother me much and I think it’s just a word people will have to get used to. I confess that I use teachable moment and transparent/transparency, but I swear I’m aware that others find these words annoying when I do (I guess that doesn’t make it right). Toxic assets, stimulus, and too big to fail are buzzwords that don’t bug me as much as last year’s from Wall Street to Main Street.

And I don’t see the number one word I would ban from the year: cougar. It went from bad to worse for cougar when I started to routinely read of one of Tiger Woods’ girlfriends described as “40-something ‘cougar’ Theresa Rogers.” I mean, enough already with the cougars.

On second thought, I’m rethinking my stance on the word czar. Mighty Red Pen Czar has a nice ring to it, no?


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  1. “Shovel-ready” became popular last year because of ARRA. Funds specifically had to go to construction projects able to be commenced within a 0-180 day period. Hence, everyone kept asking each other whether something was “shovel-ready”. It leaked over as ARRA apparently funded everything from studying mice having sex (odd, but whatever moves the economy) to electronic libraries.

    P.S. Yes, the mice were apparently “shovel-ready”.

    P.P.S. Not #1, but the term “shovel-ready” does bother me.

    Comment by Mighty Quinn — January 15, 2010 @ 10:05 pm | Reply

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