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January 20, 2010

One minor quibble: Protégé vs. prodigy

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As we wait for “American Idol” to get started, here’s a little tidbit (spotted in US Weekly magazine) to tide us all over:

Their one minor quibble may be that all the songs sound alike but mine is on the use of prodigy (“a highly talented child or youth”) in this sentence. I suppose it’s possible that one might think that Leona Lewis is a prodigy (although, perhaps, she is a bit long in the tooth for this) and that, having been discovered  by Simon Cowell, is Simon Cowell’s prodigy. But I think it’s much more likely that the word that’s wanted here is protégé (“one who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence”).

Yo, here’s one proofreader that’s not getting a golden ticket from MRP today. It was just alright for me. Got that, dawg?


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  1. Sweet blog. I was just having a discussion with my brother about the usage of those two words. how wonderfull it was to throw the words “prodigy” and “protege” into google and find this perfect example of a common misuse of the word. (the misuse that you cited) is the exact incorrect usage that we were talking about.

    I’m subscribed!

    Comment by Sidney — January 26, 2010 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

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