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July 12, 2010


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Last night, I told Mister MRP, “I defiantly need a new lunchbox, because mine now permanently smells like tuna sandwiches.” Yes, I said defiantly even though the word I really wanted was definitely, and here is why:

What you’re looking at is an excerpt from the flyer that came home with one of my campers after his first day of camp. This here is from the list of things that you (the parent) should not send to camp. Even though they mixed up defiantly and definitely, I was amused by this idea:

Parent: I’m here to pick up my child, but please don’t make me take him home.
Counselor: I don’t care what you say, but I am returning your child to you today.
Parent: No, no, I refuse. I will not take my child home today. Please do not defy this request.
Counselor: No matter what you say, I am returning your child. No protest will keep me from doing that, today and every day until the end of the session.

So there.


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