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March 5, 2012

Because really, every day is Grammar Day

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National Grammar Day 2012 may be but a happy memory, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take some of the magic with us. Here are just a few ways.

Check out Editor Mark’s blog for the winner of the 2012 National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest. Read a few of the runners-up, and follow the links there to read all 200 entries. And guess what? It’s not too early to start writing your haiku for next year . . . 

Think passive voice is always wrong? Think you can never split an infinitive? Then step right this way. At the official National Grammar Day website, check out Grammar Girl’s list of Top Ten Grammar Myths. And if you’re interested in grammar myths, you’ll want to check out Stan Carey’s post at Sentence First on this topic as well.

The Grammar Monkeys have a few words of wisdom for all of us on the subject of grammar. “While grammar costs nothing, ignoring it might cost quite a bit: Research has found that not only do readers notice mistakes, they engage less with websites that have language errors, and they are far less likely to buy something from a website that has even a single misspelling.” Check out “Grammar costs nothing.”

Finally, check out the thrilling conclusion to John E. McIntyre’s serial, “Grammarnoir: Final Edition,” Part IV: The Chief.

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