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November 29, 2006


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Alert BGF Gopher writes: “Here’s a shot of the copy on the weird BK bag. Nevermind that I was asked: Do you want salsa with that? Hot or mild? Choice of beverage? Size? Cream or sugar? I also question the use of the word, ‘guesswork.’ As in: I’m guessing if its brown and boxy, it’s paper, and if its it’s white and crinkly I guess it’s plastic?!?”

MRP is guessing as to why Gopher is eating at Burger King in the first place, but that’s slightly off-topic.


Since is like a box of chocolates

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Overheard at MRP’s house:

MRP: “The Da Vinci Code” is the first movie I’ve liked Tom Hanks in since “Forrest Gump.”

Mister MRP: Wait, I thought you didn’t like “Forrest Gump.”

MRP: I didn’t.

Mister: But you just said you haven’t liked any movie Tom Hanks was in since “Forrest Gump,” which implies that you liked him in “Forrest Gump” but not in any movie since then.

MRP: No, it means that since “Forrest Gump,” I haven’t liked Tom Hanks in any movie. That would include “Forrest Gump.”

Mister: No, that’s not what it means. Now why don’t you blog about that.

What do you think, people? Help out Mighty Red Pen, wouldya?


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To the person who arrived at the Red Pen by Googling “apostrophy,” you might have more luck finding out what you want to know if you Google “apostrophe.”

November 27, 2006

Okay, so you missed MRP’s birthday

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But xmas is just around the corner . . .

makesmesic.jpg grammarpolice.jpg

November 26, 2006

Spies are everywhere

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While there is only one MRP, there are those who wield the red pen in many, many places. Fortunately, someone got to these signs in Brooklyn, NY, just in the nick of time.

Thanks to Gopher.

November 25, 2006

Is no place sacred?

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This is in MRP’s own home. It was put there by the previous owners, who evidently thought quite highly of themselves, if not their grammatical ability.

It taunts me daily.


November 22, 2006

Happy Thank’sgiving!

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Thanks to alert BGF Gopher for this little holiday tidbit: MRP’s kindred spirits over on Flickr.

Click on over and enjoy but don’t forget to come back to MRP — it’s so much better than sitting around watching the football game.

November 21, 2006

When is a curse word not a curse word?

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Evidently, when the FCC says it is . . . I mean, isn’t.

A couple of weeks ago (okay, so MRP isn’t totally on top of this one), the FCC ruled on some pending cases regarding the use of curse words. It upheld two cases and dismissed two.

As someone who thought that most people missed the actual problem with the infamous wardrobe malfunction (Justin Timberlake bearing a fraction of the backlash Janet J. received), MRP is interested to see where this goes. What interests MRP about this are two things: one is I was brought up to think these words were ALL indecent so what makes some curse words okay and others not? Two, the two cases still considered indecent regard the use of the f-word, which is apparently controversial. A 1993 case resulted in the FCC deciding that, where the f-word is concerned, context matters. In 1994, they reversed themselves to say that the f-word is always indecent.

It amuses MRP to imagine the stuffed shirts at the FCC parsing the meaning of the f-word, though.

November 16, 2006

When you don’t talk right

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Let this be a lesson.

Volkswagen – Like

November 13, 2006

Across vs around

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Why do people insist on writing “around the country” or “around the United States”? I picture people running in circles around the country and never actually making from sea to shining sea.
Last I checked, the United States was a relatively flat parcel of land with a beginning and an end. Ergo, “across the country” or “across the United States,” please.

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