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January 16, 2013

A little bit of haiku

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I’m a little in love with the Target coupon booklet that came in the mail yesterday.

I admit I just flipped through it and almost tossed it without paying much attention to its concept, largely because it’s got the regular look and feel of most Target mailings. It was just lying on my counter this morning when the front finally caught my eye. I mean, what kind of line is “Hi, Coupons!”? What could it mean?

haiku pons coupons

So I looked at it a little more closely and read the line “(Or should we say, ‘haiku-pons’?)”. Underneath that, it said, “Stock up with poetic savings inside.” This was starting to get a little strange—and a little awesome—for Target.

So I opened it up. Inside, there’s a little explanation of what a “haiku-pon” is and how to write a haiku. Neat.

haiku pons coupons 2

Here’s how it works. You look at the coupons:

haiku pons coupons 3

You see a haiku (I mean, loosely speaking. These maybe don’t follow all the rules of traditional haiku). Then maybe you use one of the coupons. In tearing out one of the coupons, you expose the lines on the back of the next coupon.

haiku pons coupons 4

Now you have a NEW haiku.

Well, the end of this story is that I Googled the Target haiku-pons and apparently this is only new to me; they have been around for a while. And it’s not particularly good or high-brow kind of poetry.

But still, it’s poetry in an unexpected place. And for that, I kind of love it.


January 22, 2008

Like rain on your wedding day

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If you’re someone who gets so annoyed at Alanis Morissette for her song “Ironic” because it’s so not ironic, then you should check out Sarcasm Society.

Whether you think of sarcasm as the refuge of the weak, the lowest form of humor, or the sharpest weapon in your arsenal, this helpful website features such tidbits as “How to recognize sarcasm,” “How to recognize irony,” “Sarcastic quotes,” and other resources.

MRP’s favorite section was “Sarcastic haikus.”  Inspired, I even wrote a couple:

Fred Thompson dropped out.

Return to “Law and Order”?

I’ve really missed him.


Oscar nods today.

I can’t believe “Norbit” was

not nominated.

Please — indulge your inner Sarcasmosaur and share your haikus.


Bonus MRP moment: Lest you think I’m picking on Alanis Morissette, check out her rendition of the worst song ever written.

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