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August 29, 2011

Keeping the streets safe from bad grammar and punctuation

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Well, you might have heard we had a bit of weather up here in the Northeast U.S. in the form of a visit from our (now dearly departed) friend Irene. As a farewell party favor, she left La Casa de MRP without power for a bit over a day. It’s amazing to realize how not dark what passes for darkness actually is.

In any case, of the things that happened today, among the best were the turning back on of the power (yay, warm showers!) and the arrival of my Old Navy now-limited-edition “Lets Go” typo tee. Ta da!

As you may have heard, these tees have now been recalled and will be reprinted, so unfortunately, if you did not grab one while the grabbing was good, they are all gone. H/t to @Stefaniya for noting that Old Navy now has this notice on their site thanking the “Grammar Police” for pointing out the error:

If we’ve learned nothing else from this experience, I think it could be that a good proofreading by a member of the Grammar Police Squad can save one a boatload of cash. To protect and serve, my friends. To protect and serve.

August 22, 2011

Old Navy’s performance typo

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Well, nothing gets the word nerds on the InterWebs more a-twitter than a typo of absolutely epic proportions. And, yes, Old Navy has delivered just such a typo. Behold, the “Let’s Go!!” t-shirt line. Or, as they actually say, the “Lets Go!!” t-shirt line:

I love these typo tees because they come in umpteen different colors and represent many, many different teams. The eight that are pictured here represent just a fraction of the available options.  The only problem I can see is that I’m not sure how I’m going to decide which Old Navy typo tee is the right one for me. So many typo tees, so little time!

H/t grammargirl and these guys.


Bonus MRP moment: It was a banner day for bad typos. H/t to grammarsnark for spotting this product from Downy called ‘Unstopables.’ Memo to Downy: Those proofreaders Old Navy recommends? Yeah, no, don’t.

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