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January 6, 2010

The people in our neighborhood

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Hot on the heels of the Lake Superior State University list of words that should be banished from the English language comes Jan Freeman with her own take. She wants to off an entire category of words: those pukifyingly hyperbolic statements such as:

“I’d rather drill my eyeball with a power tool.” “Stick my hand in a meat grinder.” “Pull out my fingernails with pliers.”

MRP chimes in with a hearty “Amen to that!” on banning “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.” I also heartily agree with a commenter who wants to banish “fashionista” but would take it one step further and suggest that this year’s “-ista” is last year’s “-licious.” Buh-bye.

Read the rest of “Stop Saying That!” and while you’re at it, check out Freeman’s new blog, Throw Grammar from the Train.

You might also check out a couple of other word nerd blogs that have come up on MRP’s radar recently: A Walk in the Words (“a linguistic tour”), Ety Sketch (“illustrated etymologies”–very cool), The Word Blog (“new vocabulary, entries on usage and rules, book recommendations, and more”), and two recommended  by Wishydig (who has his own take on the LSSU list that had me chuckling), Daily Portmanteau (what it sounds like) and My First Dictionary (let’s just say this is not your childhood Dick & Jane).

May 11, 2009

Ten blogs word nerds will love

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Meander on over to blogs.com, where you’ll find MRP’s list of 10 Blogs Word Nerds Will Love.

When you’re done there, be sure to meander on back and check out my blogroll for many more blogs that word nerds will love!

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