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December 30, 2011

Words, words, words

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One thing that was great about the word occupy was that it made both the word of the year lists and the LSSU List of Banished Words.

The LSSU list was sort of limp and uninspired this year, with words such as man cave, ginormous, and baby bump rising to the top of the words that bug people the most. Big whoop. Top vote getter was amazing, which I found kind of amazing.

Check out Stan Carey’s round up of the Word of the Year parade. This year’s horse race got off to a weird start for me when Dictionary.com named tergiversate  (which I think I’ve finally figured out how to spell) as its WOTY for for reasons that I’m sure seem well thought out to them. To me, it seemed like the year obviously belonged to occupy, both for its ubiquity and its cultural versatility.

January 14, 2011

Vuvuzela: Robbed in 2010

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The dust has settled on the whole Word of the Year 2010, and I’m deeply disappointed to say that no one seems to have given vuvuzela the coveted WOTY prize (well, except for MRP). But here’s a couple of the more notable ones:

  • Oxford University Press USA got the party started with refudiate, the word everyone loves to hate. (This would be a good time to share the excellent post by Stan Carey at Sentence First, “‘Not a word’ is not an argument.”)
  • Merriam-Webster dictionary called austerity their WOTY. “What we look for … what are the words that have had spikes that strike us very much as an anomaly for their regular behavior,” [president and publisher John] Morse said. “The word that really qualifies this year for that is ‘austerity’.”
  • Geoff Nunberg elevated no to the status of WOTY. Frankly, I thought this was a relief after reading he thought crotchal was a contender for the prize.
  • In the On Language column, Ben Zimmer proposed junk as WOTY 2010. He gives many compelling examples of the ways in which this word is used, from junk status to junk food. For me, I’m not sure I can get behind a word that can be used to describe both a man’s nether parts and a well-endowed female bottom. Too confusing.
  • Erin McKean chimes in with “The Year in Language: The Best and Worst of 2010,” which includes, among other things, a refresher on the pronunciation of Eyjafjallajökull. Hey, it might be useful to know that again someday.

So these were all very nice, very useful words. But none of them was vuvuzela. Well, better luck next year.

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